Sunday, August 3, 2008

Give a Dog a Bone

My poor little Ziggy. I can't buy him stuffed puppy toys because all of them have squeakys, and Rodney's dog, Star, tears squeakys out of them and then there's stuffing everywhere. So, I decided to make him one sans squeak.

I pinned it all togeter so it wouldn't move.

I was having so much fun, I decided to put his name on it before sewing it up. Then I stitched the edges so it was good and sturdy because I had to hand sew it and I didn't do a very good job.

And here's the final product!

And my little pup enjoying his new toy!

I think once I have a sewing machine, and I don't freehand the bone drawing, It will look much better. I think i'm going to make a fish-shaped one next with a bell inside for a friend's cat.

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